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Words that should exist in english…


I routinely will verbify nouns or nounify verbs to create words that seem like they should exist.  The problem being that I think about the world more like an architect so everything should be structural in nature – american english is most definitely not this!  So I’m creating a list of words that I personally believe should exist to increase their presence on the internet until Google adds them to their dictionary.


Definition: Convert a word in it’s present form into a verb.

Past Tense: verbification.

Example: When you verbify “concrete” (solid) you get “concretize” (to make solid).


Definition: Convert a word in it’s present form into a noun.

Past Tense: nounification

Example: When you nounify “concretize” (to make solid) you get “concrete” (to be solid).


Definition: To make concrete (the verbification of concrete).

Past Tense: concretized

Example: The design was concretized last month.


Definition: The amount of pedantry (how pedantic something is).

Example: The pedanticness/pedantcy of that comment was way over the top…


Definition: The act of assenting to a topic.

Example: We’re good with this plan, right? … Silence is assention, moving forward.